1. What's the difference between a clean and explicit (dirty) songs?

Clean music either censors or changes profanity, sexual references, drug references, violent themes and any other subject not suitable for minors.

Explicit music has everything in it. It is most suitable for adults.

2. The services are free or not?

Services are totally free. you can create the playlist & listen unlimited songs.

3. Can I download music from BeatSnoop?

No. Download option is not available because our services are only streaming.

4. What bitrate does BeatSnoop stream at?

Audio quality of the songs are 64kbps, 112kbps & 128 kbps.

5. How to request songs on BeatSnoop?

If you want any type of clean songs feel free to send a message to our DJ memebers.

6. How to use BeatSnoop search function and how to search playlists?

One of the core features of the BeatSnoop is the search option available. With the search option available the users are blessed with the easier options of refining searches and listen to any music within seconds. Search options based on the genre, uploaded by year, track name, artist and many others are available to make it easier and more refined.

If you could'nt find specific song by artist name, then search by the track name.

How to Search Music on BeatSnoop

The following steps explain the entire process of the searching of music on BeatSnoop. Start typing something in the search box.

You will get a Top Hit result, followed by top matches for the search term. From that drop-down list, select the option "View all results" in order to see a complete list of search results along with the results split into Playlists, People, and Tracks.

Clicking this link takes you to the search result page. There you can see all the information on the overview page.

From this view, you can click on any playlist name and can go to its individual page. Thus, you can start playing the entire playlist from its main BeatSnoop page by clicking the first song, and then the BeatSnoop plays the tracks in order.